Dr. Enrico Bonadio (IT/UK)

Enrico Bonadio is Reader in Law at City, University of London. He teaches, researches, and advises in the field of intellectual property (IP) law. His research agenda is wide-ranging, having recently focused on IP protection of non-conventional forms of creativity, including street art and graffiti.


Amongst other books and works, he is the author of ‘Copyright in the Street – An Oral History of Creative Processes in the Street Art and Graffiti Subcultures’ (Cambridge University Press 2023); ‘The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti’ (edited) (Cambridge University Press, 2019); and ‘Protecting Art in the Street – A Photographic Guide to Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti’ (photographic book) (Dokument Press, 2020).


Enrico has been delivering classes and talks in more than 140 universities and research institutions in six continents and his research has been covered by several media outfits including CNN, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, South China Morning Post, BBC, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Politico and Associated Press.


City University




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