Nuart Plus Street Art Conference

Day 2: Intangible Cultural Heritage

11:00–17:00, free entry




Tickets are not required for attendance but help us with planning. The conference will be taking place from 11:00-17:00, but you are welcome to come and go as it suits your schedule.


On Day 2 of the Street Art Conference, audiences will have the opportunity to meet some of the festival artists. The day will commence with a discussion of the history of flyposting and how this intersects with street art’s own history of the paste up.


Speakers include Adrian Burnham and Tim Horrox of Build Hollywood (UK). Other highlights include a talk from festival artist and scholar Professor Bahia Shehab (LB/EG) and a talk from festival artist Addam Yekutieli (aka Know Hope – (IL/PS)). Day 2 marks the first tours of the art produced for this year’s festival, and the conference will close with a panel of our festival artists, who will discuss their work.


In the evening at Spin, we will round off the conference and ease into our closing party with a fireside chat from Carlo McCormick, who will give his inimitable spin on this year’s festival’s theme, before our closing party, F*CK ART, LET’S DANCE.


11:00–11:10 Welcome and introduction

by Dr Susan Hansen (AU/UK)



Aberdeen Art Gallery, Cowdray Hall, Schoolhill, AB10 1JQ

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