21:00–23:00, Free entry

Followed by music, doors open until 1am




In the context of cultural heritage, colonialism, and the ephemeral nature of much of our culture, is the Street now more important than the Museum?


For anyone who’s ever been to a conference and felt bored to distraction. For anyone who ever felt too inhibited to put their hand up during a Q&A. For anyone with an opinion about power structures in public space but without a platform to voice them. Fight Club is for you.


Inspired by the original Greek Symposia where debates took place fuelled by copious amounts of wine, what Dumas called ‘the intellectual part of the meal.’ Nuart introduce a current hot topic in Street Art culture to be debated by two opposing teams made up of guest artists, academics and arts industry professionals.


The audience are encouraged to participate and settle the score at the end of the discussion by voting for the winning team. We round off the night with a vinyl only set from guest DJs to allow the losers to dance their blues away.



Spin, 10 Littlejohn St, Aberdeen AB10 1FG

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