Starting Point: Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow, AB11 5BY



Saturday 8 | 13:00 PM / 16:00 PM 

Sunday 9 | 13:00 PM / 16:00 PM 


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Now celebrating its eighth year, Nuart Aberdeen welcomes an international cast of highly acclaimed street artists to Aberdeen. Using our walls and streets as their canvas, artists produce breathtaking works which range from super-sized murals to smaller hidden gems. Come join us on our first guided tours to include a selection of the new 2024 pieces with special guest guide Stuart Holdsworth, editor of the award-winning street art website ‘Inspiring City’. A regular visitor to Aberdeen, Stuart has written extensively about the Nuart Festival and is looking forward to introducing this year’s new walls.


Tours depart from outside Aberdeen Maritime Museum, taking a route of approximately 1 mile, lasting around 60-90 minutes and will take place come rain or shine. We suggest comfortable shoes and clothing for all weathers!


Please be aware those attending our walking tour are responsible for their own safety during the tour. Roads will not be closed on the tour route and cars/other pedestrians may need to pass. Please exercise due caution when crossing roads and use pedestrian crossings where possible. Due to the location of some of the artworks, tours may take routes down uneven paths and staircases and attendees should be conscious of slip or trip hazards.


All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children should remain beside parents/carers at all times.


Please note, these tours are designed for large crowds to allow as many people as possible to see the artworks opening weekend. If you would like a more intimate experience, please be aware that tours run throughout the year – visit Aberdeen Inspired for more information.

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