Nuart Plus Street Art Conference

Day 1: Living Heritage



11:50–12:30, free entry


Bad Street Art

Prof Ilaria Hoppe (DE/AT)


From a critical perspective, street art is a period or movement that some dismiss as ‘over’.  In her talk, art historian Ilaria Hoppe uses the term ‘bad’ street art with a double meaning: firstly, as an ethical category, because of its involvement in gentrification, and secondly, as an aesthetic term to describe a form of art executed with a basic style. Drawing on a field trip to Catania, Sicily, Hoppe considers the roots of street art in the 1960s to argue that ‘bad street art’ can still be seen as a critical practice in neoliberal urban space, and an everyday form of cultural heritage.



Aberdeen Art Gallery, Cowdray Hall, Schoolhill, AB10 1JQ

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