Hera x Banksy kick-off

Last night marked the official beginning Nuart Aberdeen 2024.


The evening, which took place at The Lemon Tree, and started with a presentation by Hera of Herakut. She spoke about what brought her to begin creating work on the streets of her hometown of Frankfurt in Germany, to meeting frequent collaborator Akut, with who she formed Herakut. These days, she travels the world independently, creating spectacular murals involving and engaging the local community. Her chat with renowned New York-based critic Carlo McCormick touched on both sources of inspiration and the idea of impermanence in contemporary street art.


The evening concluded with the UK premiere of documentary film “Banksy and the Stolen Girl”. The film tells the story of how a Banksy work painting on the door belonging to the Bataclan music venue in Paris, the site of the November 2015 terror attack. The unassuming stencil created on the door by street art legend Banksy became the subject of a massive police investigation after a group of French criminals stole the door.


Photographs by Brian Tallman.

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