Attention! Artists at work

Nuart Aberdeen is well underway with production, and most of the artists are already in town and working on their projects (while a couple have yet to arrive).


We’ve seen your messages and know you’re eager to get your hands on the new map. You won’t have to wait much longer now. We promise it will be published before next weekend, but until then, you might pick up a few clues from watching our stories on social media.


Walking around Aberdeen, you may already see some unusual activity. Perhaps the giant new work by Hera of Herakut down by the port? Italian artist Millo has been hard at work for several days already and will soon have finished his contribution to this year’s festival. His wall is located just around the corner from one by a British artist a couple of years back. Festival artist Know Hope has been hard at work in his Aberdeen studio, offered by Outer Spaces, and will soon be installing it (with help from our lovely volunteers).


We can’t wait to welcome everyone to discover this year’s new works, and the rest of our program, next week in Aberdeen.

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