Addam Yekutieli lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel-Palestine. Addam Yekutieli is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who deals with issues of cross cultural encounter, historical and personal narratives and memory. Yekutieli’s practice consists of mixed media artworks, installation, photography and interventions in public spaces, with a focus on text and how text interacts with the environment it is placed in. In recent years, Yekutieli has been conducting a series of ongoing projects with participants worldwide, with the aim of highlighting the nexus between the personal and the collective, the political and the personal.


These works guide viewers from the public sphere into the personal, and at times, the private experiences of participants. By fostering intuitive and empathetic connections, they prompt reflections on broader themes that shape Yekutieli’s continuous research. Offering an aesthetic of ambiguity, the participatory nature of these processes generates a conversation across a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds in an attempt to explore the possibilities and re-imagination of larger social and political realities.




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